Better Soil, Farms and a Climate Change Solution


Gabe Brown has super healthy soil on his farm and his farm is more productive. Tests show soil on Brown’s farm had 7 times as much nitrogen, 5 times as much phosphorus, 8 times as much potassium, and 4 times as much organic carbon and organic matter percent as the nearby farms. His soil infiltrates 30 inches of water per hour compared to half an inch per hour and less on the other farms.

187 Billion Tons of CO2 Per Year From Various Healthy Soil Plans

Over the last 90 years, modern petroleum-fueled agriculture has BEAM (Biologically Enhanced Agricultural Management), is a process developed by Dr. David Johnson of New Mexico State University, that uses compost with a high diversity of soil microorganisms. BEAM has achieved very high levels of sequestration. A 4.5 year agricultural field study promoted annual average capture and storage of 10.27 metric tons soil C per hectare per year. If BEAM was extrapolated globally across agricultural lands it would sequester 184 billion tons of CO2/yr.

If regenerative grazing practices were implemented on the world’s grazing lands they would sequester 98.5 billion tons CO2 per year.