Why Climate Change Might Be A National Emergency

Some argue that activities at the U.S. Southern border pose a grave threat to American lives. Statements from the Pentagon and other sources offer alternative perspectives on how “dire” things really are at the border. Experts estimate that between 445 and 600 homicides (not multiple thousands as claimed) were killed by undocumented immigrants in 2018. Studies also show that they are not more likely than U.S-born individuals to commit homicide. I will let others debate the reality of the situation at the border, but I do want to make a point. Roughly 500 people were killed in only hurricanes (Harvey, Maria, Irma, Michael, Florence) from 2017 to 2018. The 2018 Camp Fire in California killed at least 85 people. Heat and flooding kills more people in the U.S. annually than any other weather disaster, and the numbers in 2018 were no different. If a precedent is being set for national emergencies, there is a compelling argument for a future leader to could consider climate change.

Source: 6 Compelling Reasons Climate Change Might Be A National Emergency