Global warming hasn’t stopped in the past century

A new study published in Scientific Reports reveals that the global warming has never stopped in the past hundred years, with maximum rate of change after Second World War II and almost constant rate (0.08oC/10a) during the latest three decades. However, the key cooling against global warming comes from the interannual variability of the temperature that is coincided with the variability of the sea surface temperature in the equatorial mid-eastern Pacific. Hence, the hiatus is merely a decadal balance between global warming and the cooling resulting from anomalous sea surface temperature in equatorial Pacific.

The hiatus ended in 2014 as a new El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) event was developing in the equatorial mid-eastern Pacific which caused a rapid warming in the earth. On the other hand, the multidecadal climate oscillation follows a downward path with increase in cooling.

“Our study suggests that future climate conditions will likely rely on competition between multidecadal cooling and global warming if the multidecadal climate cycle repeats, as was experienced during the second half of the twentieth century.” Says Dr. Xingang Dai, the lead author from Institute of Atmospheric Physics at Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Source: Global warming has never stopped in the past hundred years