Climate change initiatives didn’t fare well on the ballot.


In their bid to help Democrats recapture the House on Tuesday, environmentalists emphasized what they called the Trump administration’s failure to address the biggest environmental problem facing the world: climate change.

At the same time, those same green groups failed to convince voters across a swath of resource-rich Western states to wean themselves off the fossil fuels that are contributing to climate change in the first place.

Brady Dennis and I reported last night that voters across a swath of resource-rich Western states largely rejected ballot initiatives aiming to nudge the nation away from burning fossil fuels and toward harnessing renewable sources of energy.

Voters in Arizona, one of the nation’s most sun-soaked states, handily shot down a measure that would have accelerated its shift toward generating electricity from renewables, particularly solar. Supporters and proponents poured an eye-popping amount of money, more than $54 million, into the fight over the future of energy in Arizona. Only two Senate races in the country — in Florida and Texas — saw more spending this year.

Source: Analysis | The Energy 202: Climate change initiatives were on the ballot. They didn’t fare well.