NOAA’s Acting Chief Ignoring Climate Change


Environmental and science advocates called the shift among the starkest examples to date by the Trump administration to undermine federal work on global warming. President Donald Trump and many of his top advisers deny manmade climate change, which has led to his high-profile decisions such as pulling the United States out of the Paris climate agreement and scrapping the Clean Power Plan.

But in smaller yet still meaningful ways, the administration has worked from the outset across federal agencies to strip mention of climate change and curtail work on it, according to watchdog groups such as the Environmental Data & Governance Initiative (EDGI).

In December 2017, for instance, the administration dropped the mention of climate change as a global threat from its National Security Strategy document. Also in December, the Interior Department issued a secretarial order halting efforts on public lands to adapt to climate change.

Joel Clement, a whistleblower who was formerly director of its office of policy analysis, accused the Interior Department of reassigning him to an obscure accounting post as retaliation for speaking out about the threats manmade climate change poses to Alaskan villages. In August, the administration disbanded a federal advisory panel that helps government and corporate officials incorporate climate research into planning. And in April 2017, the Environmental Protection Agency scrubbed from its website “extensive information on the EPA’s work to mitigate climate change, as well as details of data collection efforts and indicators for climate change,” according to EDGI.

Source: NOAA’s Acting Chief Floated New Mission, Ignoring Climate Change