The Challenge of Dealing with Sea Level Rise


Many fast-developing cities with populations of many millions are located in low-lying delta regions that are extremely susceptible to changes in sea level, as well as land subsidence. Without adaptation, these megacities will most likely suffer from increasing economic losses and loss of human life in the near future. Scussolini et al. [2017] present an extremely well performed case study that combines modelling of future sea level and storm surge probabilities with sophisticated hydrodynamic modelling, projected socio-economic developments, economic analysis, and the theory of adaptive pathways to select optimal sets measures to adapt to increasing flood risk. As such it will serve as an example for many cities around the world facing similar challenges.

Citation: Scussolini, P., Tran, T. V. T., Koks, E., Diaz-Loaiza, A., Ho, P. L., & Lasage, R. (2017). Adaptation to sea level rise: A multidisciplinary analysis for Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Water Resources Research, 53, 10,841–10,857.

Source: A City’s Challenge of Dealing with Sea Level Rise – Eos